Hacking Raspberry Pi!

During the weekend a couple of us were at the foss hacker day. It was an open source event where you really could hack on anything related to open source and embedded systems. Between the hacking there was also a number of interesting talks on open source related subjects. Very  interesting.

For many of us the day turned out to be about hacking on Raspberry Pi.  It is fun to see how much functionality you can squeeze into such a small card. It makes it so easy to build a small system since it is really as capable as a normal computer. Well there are some limitations but not that much.

I was able to get go, the new systems programming language from google, up and running. I could then write a simple program that used a tellstick to control a wall-plug socket receiver. Maybe not that impressive but really fun to do!

Here are some pictures from the event.


Publicerad i Linux


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